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22LR / 9mm / 380 ammo

[email protected]

Contact Telephone # is 251-610-2674

I went online and got some current prices for the 22LR ammo, 9mm ammo and the 380 ammo.
All of my ammo has been stored in my bedroom in a nightstand drawer.  My home air conditioner has been operating normally all the time.

Blazer Brass 9mm Luger  (50 per box) I paid $12.95 for each box of 9mm that I have.  The current price listed on the web is $29.89 per box.  Will take fair offers. I have 2 boxes.

the CCI 22LR ammo lists for 13.95 per box of 100 rounds on the web.  Will take fair offer. I have 5 boxes.

Winchester 22LR  333 rounds lists for $29.89 per box and the 555 rounds box lists for $49.89 a box.  Will take fair offer. I have 1 box of 555 rounds and 5 boxes of 333 rounds each.

Remington Thunderbolt 22LRR 40 Grain 500 Rounds .  Lists for $52.31  on the web. I have 1 box.  Will take fair offer.