Fraternal Order of Police

The Fraternal Order of Police is a fraternity of Law Enforcement Officers, local, state, and Federal.  Active Members are those who are currently serving in that capacity or retired in good standing.  Associate Members are friends and family members of Law Enforcement Officers, responsible and respected business persons, professional men and women, and citizens from all walks of life – people willing to devote a portion of their time and efforts in supporting the various Law Enforcement agencies of our community, state, and nation.  Although Associate Members do not vote or hold Office, both memberships share in the benefits of our Local Lodge and are welcomed and encouraged to participate in meetings and events.




Please post:

1.. Completed copy of application (MUST be sponsored by and signed by a current Active or Associate member)
2.. Check for $50 for Active Members made payable to FOP LODGE 43.
3.. Check for $75 for Associate Members made payable to FOP LODGE 43.
4.. Check for $20 for Active Retired Members made payable to FOP LODGE 43.
5.. Check for $50 for Family Member (Spouse).
6.. Copy of your current Pistol Permit and Drivers License required.

To:     “Baldwin County FOP Lodge 43

29620 Josephine Dr.
Elberta, AL 36530

Pay Membership Dues:

Active Police

Retired Police

Associate Member

Associate Family (Spouse)

Department Invoice

First time applicants must submit application with check, copy of driver license and copy of pistol permit.
( For Active and Associate members )

NOTE: It is now a requirement that aspiring Associate Members have a current ‘concealed pistol’ license.


Annual membership renewals MUST be accompanied by a copy of CURRENT pistol permit with their dues.

Privacy Policy for F.O.P. Lodge 43

A member’s personal information will not be shared with any entity other than the National or State F.O.P Lodges to the extent necessary to administer membership business.  Membership information will be maintained by Lodge 43 and used exclusively by the Executive Board as necessary to administer Lodge 43 membership business.

Refund Policy

Application fees/ membership dues will be refunded by F.O.P. Lodge 43 if the individual applying for membership is not admitted to the Lodge as an Active or Associate member. If an Active or Associate member is suspended or expelled from Lodge 43 for criminal or immoral reasons, membership dues paid by the suspended/ expelled member will not be refunded. Money due to be refunded, for any reason, will be processed within approximately 30 days.